Bluegrass Blues (Part 2)

If you missed Part 1, read it here. ♦♦♦ If you’re gonna leave, then go, Don’t need you standing at my door, 'Cause I can’t keep pretending, I don’t love you any more. -Kenny Taylor When her face appeared on the screen he felt his heart constrict, packed tight into a snowball. He couldn’t remember …

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Bluegrass Blues (Part 1)

Whiskey River take my mind, Don’t let her mem’ry torture me. Whiskey River don’t run dry, You’re all I’ve got, take care of me. -Willie Nelson Kenny put up his guitar and sat down in his chair. Contemplated the hunk of metal in front of him - chips and wires and plugs, an LED screen …

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She pressed her lips around the rim of his favorite cup. Her lipstick made the faintest imprint and she smiled knowing he’d know she’d been there. She left as quietly as she came, the cup the only indication she’d ever come around. After a 12-hour shift at the mill, all he ever wanted to do …

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