Daddy Dearest

There’s a broken down van that sits on the land where a family used to live,

When the neighbors walk by they cover their eyes cause they know what the father did,

Now the only boy left is all but bereft and isn’t a sight to see,

When the people come near he cradles in fear lost in his memory,

It was quite a surprise when one of the guys came up to shake his hand,

The boy gouged out his eyes cause he couldn’t abide the presence on his land,

But the charges were dropped at behest of the cop who made the discovery,

Of the boy in the van with blood on his hands from his father’s murder spree,

With the tires long gone he can’t move along he just watches the seasons change,

And he waits for the moon to swallow his gloom and put him to sleep again,

As he drifts off to bed he thinks of the dead and the places he has been,

Then he tries not to dream of unsettling things as the nightmare closes in,

There’s a boy in a cell who’s feeling unwell with bloodstains on his jeans,

Says his father’s to blame but he can’t quite explain why he never has been seen.

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