Getsemani Bocagrande Old City Canon Fisherman Sunset Big Door Red Door Wooden Door Wooden Door  Minca Church Minca Sunset View from Casa Loma Minca Waterfal Minca Waterfall Minca Sunset Playing Cards Old City Tower Old City Walkway On way to Playa Blanca Captain of the Ship On way to Playa Blanca Naval Base Lunch Stare Colombia Islands Flamingos Bathroom in Colombia Hut Playa Blanca, Colombia Playa Blanca, Colombia Bikini Close Up Caribbean, Colombia Playa Blanca, Colombia Sunglasses on the Beach Playa Blanca, Colombia Playa Blanca, Colombia Playa Blanca, Colombia

4 thoughts on “Colombia

    1. Thanks, Jackie. Was so much fun. It was especially cool to see how the country watches fútbol matches. Everyone wearing jerseys and packing the streets to find any TV to watch the game on. Wish I would have taken some pics of that.

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